Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Work of James Hubble  

I am in love with Jame Hubble's work. He is an artist and a cultural icon here in San Diego. Building his home by hand  with his family using rocks and trees on his land in Julian he has created a beautiful space of hope and inspiration. 

He is the founder of Ilan Lael foundation. He hosts Conversations of Beauty at the Mengei Museum in SD Balboa park every month. He is also the designer of a beautiful school, La Esperanza , built in the middle of an incredibly poor part of TJ.

He is soft spoken but when he does speak  he evokes an intent concentration from everyone around him. You listen absorbing every word of simple wisdom he has to share and you feel better for it. I have learned from him that beauty and art make people fall in love with a space, with the land, with cultural institutions, schools, playgrounds  and places that give purpose and hope and make us want to cherish and preserve our culture. I encourage everyone in SD to come visit his home or listen to him speak at the Mengei.