Thursday, February 17, 2011

Diseño Grafico en Quito

Here are some logo versions I created for a non-profit Mano a Mano in Venezuela. They work like a CSA giving produce directly from local farmers to residents and educate the communtiy about the importance of organic and local farming!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Rhiannon Community, peace and love

Rhiannon is a small cozy community in a small town San Juan, Malching, just 1.5h northeast of Quito. Everyone lives in the same house making it one big singing, praying, farming, vegan, warm and free-loving family.

When I arrived at night with 3 friends from Quito we were invited directly into a Tamascal ceremony. This would be my third experience and this time I actually liked it. Everyone was in their b-day suits, we didn't get the memo unfortunately, but at a lot of communities I have been to people are not as comfortable with this. Rhiannon is a bit different though, more relaxed. It is a very young community owned by British couple Nikki and Helen. Nikki has heaps of love and energy that is contagious throughout the community. This energy has fueled the project there since it began two years ago. I have to say they have been really successful so far being in desert climate with only 4 permanent residents and about 10-20 volunteers at a time.

One thing that is super rare now is that they are not out to get your money. They just ask for $25 a month for food. They get up about 5 work from 6 to lunch then relax. One thing I learned , though don’t take my work for it, is if you invest 25k in property in Ecuador you get citizenship along with it, not a bad deal.

After the Tamascal and prayers we had a jam session with a violin, guitar, drums and glass bottles. At this point there was no electricity but I have a hard time imagining the hosue without the charm of the candleight.

Inside is warm and cozy
When I first arrived it was at night. Sitting in the pitch black, steamy warm Tamascal with my mind drifting off to the end of the universe, I did not realize that Rhiannon sits at the edge of the earth with the most fantastic view of Quito, snow topped volcano of Cotopaxi and beyond.


Solar panel project made from reclaimed steel to hold large solar panels, generating enough power for the house.

They are fixing a waste water pond because it has been leaking. This pond will break down the communities waste and let the water at the top evaporate out just like the one at Arcosanti.

They move the chickens and pigs around the farm to graze the land and will use the manure for a biogas generator they plan to build. There are gardens with veggies the feed the community, a greenhouse and awesome dry toilets with hot showers from solar power.
They also have about 7 dogs and a few cats :)